Phoenix Design Lab enables me take time out of my design practice to experiment with elements from the past that deliver a sense of authenticity. Mining the past allows me to discover new ways to connect with the future by learning what worked and what didn't. Most revealing, is how craft has all but disappeared from our global marketplace which runs on the economy of flat packing and SKU's

The majority the products featured on this site are up-cycled, revived, hybridized, & reimagined design elements for the home & office. 

Objects rage from conceptual to salvaged products. I think of the store as a giftshop for the soul, whose items speak to a visceral experience that transcends time and style. None of the items in the store are new, but are as new as you will ever find them again.

Phoenix Design Lab is less about romanticizing the past decades, but rather enabling us to take another look at western design and consider how to pick up where we left off when production went global.

Sean Thomas